ExpressVPN and TCL partner to bring secure streaming to smart TVs

ExpressVPN now comes preinstalled on all TCL smart TVs with a 30-day free trial
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expressvpn partners with tcl

Enjoy your smart TV without compromising on your privacy. ExpressVPN has partnered with TCL, a global leader in consumer electronics, to bring VPN protection directly to your living room. From February 1, 2024, all TCL smart TVs come with the award-winning ExpressVPN app pre-installed, with customers also offered a 30-day free trial of the VPN service.

With ExpressVPN on your TCL smart TV, you’ll enjoy:

  • Secure access to a world of content: With ExpressVPN’s global network of servers across 105 countries, you can set your virtual location anywhere you need it.
  • Blazing-fast speeds: Stream your favorite shows and movies with minimal buffering. ExpressVPN’s optimized network and innovative Lightway VPN protocol ensure you get the most out of your internet connection.
  • Prevent throttling: With your traffic hidden, your internet service provider (ISP) won’t slow down your connection based on your activities like streaming or gaming.
  • Greater privacy: With best-in-class encryption, ExpressVPN helps prevent your ISP, government agencies, and hackers from tracking what you do online. 
  • Effortless setup: No need for additional downloads or configurations. Simply find the ExpressVPN app on your TCL smart TV and activate your free trial. 

The free trial gives you access to a full-featured ExpressVPN subscription, allowing you to install ExpressVPN on all your other devices (computers, phones, and more) and connect up to eight of them to the VPN at the same time. Everyone in your family can enjoy the benefits of ExpressVPN with one account.

Trial users also get to experience ExpressVPN’s bundle of security features, including our Keys password manager, ad blocker, and tracker blocker—all included in a single subscription.

Learn more about partnering with ExpressVPN and providing your customers with premium VPN benefits whenever they go online.

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