Pete Membrey is currently the Chief Engineer of VPN Technologies at ExpressVPN, the creator of Lightway (an open-source, mobile-first VPN protocol), and a core member of the team that created TrustedServer, the VPN industry's first RAM-only server platform designed with an entire defense-in-depth strategy.

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Puzzle pieces that form code.
2 mins

ExpressVPN on the airwaves: Learning digital skills through games

Our chief engineer of VPN technologies recently went on a radio show to discuss the importance of computational thinking in the digital age
Paper being folded in half, like Moore's Law.
3 mins

A toast to Gordon Moore, an inspiration to human ingenuity

Among his achievements, Moore's Law is perhaps his more influential contribution to our everyday digital technologies.
One red key in a sea of blue keys.
5 mins

Samsung lost its Android app-signing key—and didn’t replace it

Our chief engineer of VPN technologies weighs in on the recent revelation over a worrying stance taken by Samsung.
A shoe about to step on a bug.
4 mins

OpenSSL’s ‘critical’ vulnerability: What you need to know

OpenSSL has announced a security bug but is delaying any further information. Find out why ExpressVPN platforms and servers are not vulnerable to it.

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