Pete Membrey

Pete Membrey is currently Chief Engineering Officer at ExpressVPN, the creator of Lightway (an open-source, mobile-first VPN protocol), and a core member of the team that created TrustedServer, the VPN industry's first RAM-only server platform designed with an entire defense-in-depth strategy.

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ExpressVPN launches post-quantum protection to defend users against threats of the...

Advances in computing could undermine today’s cryptography. We’ve taken a proactive step to protect users.
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Upgrading Lightway to DTLS 1.3, an industry first for safety and...

ExpressVPN is one of the first services in the world to implement the new version of DTLS, designed for secure communication over untrusted networks.
Addressing TunnelCrack bug in VPNs.
5 mins

Our response to TunnelCrack research findings

A paper presented earlier this month revealed a security vulnerability in VPNs known as TunnelCrack. Here's what we've done to protect users.
Downfall Intel CPU bug.
4 mins

Addressing ‘Downfall’: ExpressVPN’s swift response to an Intel exploit

How our security experts routinely deploy fixes to all our global servers within 48 hours.
Puzzle pieces that form code.
2 mins

ExpressVPN on the airwaves: Learning digital skills through games

Our chief engineer of VPN technologies recently went on a radio show to discuss the importance of computational thinking in the digital age
Paper being folded in half, like Moore's Law.
3 mins

A toast to Gordon Moore, an inspiration to human ingenuity

Among his achievements, Moore's Law is perhaps his more influential contribution to our everyday digital technologies.
One red key in a sea of blue keys.
5 mins

Samsung lost its Android app-signing key—and didn’t replace it

Our chief engineer of VPN technologies weighs in on the recent revelation over a worrying stance taken by Samsung.
A shoe about to step on a bug.
4 mins

OpenSSL’s ‘critical’ vulnerability: What you need to know

OpenSSL has announced a security bug but is delaying any further information. Find out why ExpressVPN platforms and servers are not vulnerable to it.

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