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Announcing our new transparency report

ExpressVPN commits to transparency with biannual reports on user data requests.
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3 mins

Split tunneling returns to all Windows users

Split tunneling is once again available to Windows users, thanks to some dedicated bug fixing by ExpressVPN’s engineers. We’ve just...
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2 mins

After a tip, ExpressVPN acts swiftly to protect customers

Editor’s note: The issue that prompted this post has been corrected, and split tunneling has been restored to all...
ExpressVPN and ASUS partnership
1 min

New partnership brings ExpressVPN protection to ASUS users

With the purchase of selected products, ASUS customers in Europe and the Middle East get a 90-day ExpressVPN free trial.
10 mins

ExpressVPN survey in UK reveals the dark side of online dating

Facebook is the platform where Brits are catfished the most frequently, followed by Tinder.
6 mins

Quiz: How strong is your password security?

Test your knowledge against respondents of our survey.
62 mins

20 best expat destinations for each life stage

Planning to emigrate? Read this first.
11 mins

Wi-Fi insights from users in 4 countries: LOL-worthy router names and...

We asked users in the U.S., UK, Germany, and France about their Wi-Fi habits.
10 mins

UK survey: 1 in 8 have caught someone using their Wi-Fi...

These include porn sites and the dark web.
10 mins

U.S. survey: 1 in 4 have caught someone using their Wi-Fi...

These include porn sites and the dark web.

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