How to change your location in Mozilla Firefox

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This guide will teach you how to spoof your location in Mozilla Firefox. Spoofing your location can help you access censored content.

To spoof your location in Firefox, you will need to use a browser add-on. For this guide, you will be using the Location Guard add-on. Please note that ExpressVPN is NOT affiliated with Location Guard.

Note: If your computer is using Wi-Fi, make sure Bluetooth is off. If you’re using LAN, make sure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are off.

How to spoof your location using Location Guard

Location Guard is available for Firefox 38.0 and above. If you are running an older version of Firefox, you will need to upgrade your browser version in order to follow this guide and receive important Firefox upgrades.

  1. Decide on a location you want to spoof to, e.g., Tokyo.
  2. Connect your ExpressVPN app to your selected location (See instructions for Windows and Mac).
  3. Visit the Firefox Add-on page for Location Guard and install Location Guard on your browser. You may need to restart your browser.get location guard for firefox
  4. After installation, click the Location Guard extension icon in your location guard icon
  5. Select Options. This will open the options menu in a new extension options
  6. In the left-side menu, click Fixed fixed location
  7. Drag the location marker to match the VPN location you selected above.
  8. Close the options menu tab and return to the webpage you want to access. Refresh the page and click the Location Guard extension icon in your location guard icon
  9. In the list of options, select Set level for [web page name].set level for website
  10. Select Use fixed location and close the extension menu.use fixed location
  11. Check that your location has changed. You may need to refresh the page again.

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