You Heard It Here: ExpressVPN Reviews Internet Security Apps

Welcome to the Internet Privacy reviews. A section of the site where we look at breaking down some Internet privacy companies and help you see what other tools best to use alongside ExpressVPN.

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uBlock Origin

ublock screenshot

uBlock Origin Review

Is your ad blocker slowing down your browsing? You may want to try out uBlock Origin, which uses less memory and CPU time than the competition.


dashlane screenshot

Dashlane Review

With so many websites to log onto, it’s hard to remember all your passwords. Dashlane is a decent password manager that will save you time and spare you the headaches.


1password screenshot

1Password Review

1Password helps you generate hard-to-crack passwords, and then locks them behind your master password. A great, secure password manager.


keepass screenshot

KeePass Review

KeePass is a free, open-source password manager with trustworthy encryption standards to protect your data. Free for Windows only.


filevault screenshot

Filevault Review

Yosemite users, did you know your Mac has data encryption built into it? Enable FileVault to encrypt your entire start-up disk. Find out how!

The Tor Browser

tor screenshot

The Tor Browser Review

You’ve probably heard of the Tor Browser. Read our review today.


lastpass screenshot

LastPass Review

Within a whole crowd of Password managers, how well does LastPass fare? Click here to read today.


wickr screenshot

Wickr Review

A top secret messenger. Wickr is here to stay. Read more today.

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