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Secure your internet

Top 10 tips for strong internet security

Check out the top ten tips for better internet security. A combination of software and common sense will help you ensure that you and your family can have a safe and secure internet experience.

Email security: What is it, and how do you improve it?

How do you improve your email security?

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How does a firewall work?

Ever wondered how firewalls work? Find out in this handy primer.

How to set up your firewall

Want more control over your internet connection? Here’s how to configure your own firewall.

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Malware, adware, and spyware

What is malware?

Read about the different kinds of threats to your computer and data.

What is adware?

Learn what adware is and how it affects you and your computer.

What is spyware?

Learn what spyware is and how it affects you and your computer.

Tips on removing adware

Accidentally downloaded some malware? Here’s how to remove it.

5 tips for malware protection

Know what to do to keep your computer and data safe.

How a keylogger steals your private information

Learn about how keyloggers steal your information.

How to protect against keyloggers

Protect yourself from keylogger attacks!

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How good are Norton and Kaspersky?

Learn how popular consumer antivirus software from Norton and Kaspersky can fit into your computer security strategy.

The best free antivirus software

ExpressVPN compares the internet’s best free antivirus software so you don’t have to.

How a security hole can get you hacked

Find out how a security hole can get you hacked.

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Edward Snowden’s biography in a nutshell

Read about Ed Snowden: Computer wizard. Cyberstrategist. Whistleblower. Champion of data privacy and internet freedom. Self-professed patriot. Wanted in the U.S. for espionage.

How can the NSA spy on you?

What is the National Surveillance Agency, and why is it spying on you?

Who is Julian Assange?

Who is Julian Assange, and what was his role in WikiLeaks and the NSA revelations?

Are you being spied on?

Are you being spied on right now?

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how the cia can hack you

How can the CIA hack you?

Learn about the various ways the CIA can hack the devices and vehicles you use.

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VPN Security

How does VPN security work?

Read ExpressVPN’s guide explaining how VPNs encrypt and anonymize your connection. Knowledge is power!

Should I use a VPN?

Find out if you should use a VPN. (Spoiler: Yes, you should.)

Who uses a VPN?

VPN users come in all shapes, sizes, and colors!

What is a trusted delivery network, and how does one work?

Learn about trusted delivery networks.

Public keys and private keys – how they work

Secure socket layers? Data encryption? Public and private keys? What do they all mean? Find out here.

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Internet Privacy

What is metadata, and what does it mean?

Metadata. It’s at the center of the internet privacy debate. Get a crash course on the topic now.

Is internet privacy a lost cause?

With recent changes in internet privacy bills, is the future of our internet privacy under threat?

Moral issues with internet privacy

In light of recent metadata legislation worldwide, ExpressVPN discusses the moral questions raised by internet privacy.

What will happen to our internet privacy in the future?

Read ExpressVPN’s thoughts on how internet privacy will change in the future.

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Important tools for setting up a company

Read this quick and no-fuss guide on setting up your own company.

Watch TV shows online when you’re traveling

Going abroad? Find out how you can keep watching your favorite dramas, sitcoms, and reality TV series from overseas.

Necessities for traveling abroad

Traveling soon? Don’t forget to pack these essentials.

Traveling for expatriates

Are you an expat moving abroad? Check out this handy relocation guide.

Connection problems for travelers

Learn how to fix common connectivity problems you might encounter when traveling.

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Mobile Safety Tips

Mobile safety tips

Your smartphone is your lifeline, so be sure to protect everything on it with these mobile safety tips.

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What is Bitcoin?

Learn about the open-source cryptocurrency owned and controlled by nobody.

Bitcoin: A comprehensive guide

This comprehensive manual will explain how you can use Bitcoin to protect your financial privacy.

The Bitcoin glossary

A cheat sheet containing every Bitcoin term.

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  1. I am on my son’s family account / Do have my own name on
    Apple Ipad. account under [removed]. This not for rest
    of family,Myself alone.request., if a charge,not want son to pay

    1. Hi Bobby,
      At the bottom of our blog page you can find a subscription button. We do no offer to set up computers as a service, but our blog is full of tips on how to stay secure and maintain privacy online!

  2. Does ExpressVPN censor any content? Am I protected from prying eyes who would do me harm for my browsing history?

    1. Hi Jim. ExpressVPN doesn’t censor anything. And if you’re browsing the Internet with an ExpressVPN connection, your ISP cannot see anything you look at, no matter how frequently or excessively you look at it.

      1. Great question! They certainly could! If you use multiple identities on a computer, or see that your auto-fill program fills out forms with information that you do not want there, better turn it off.

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