A graduation cap with an eye on it.
2 mins

Your school is tracking your online activity—here’s what to do about...

In a single tectonic shift, the Covid-19 pandemic pushed schooling and education online to adjust to lockdowns and social-distancing...
Health cross symbol inside cross hairs.
3 mins

Why hospitals are getting more cyber attacks

Hint: We can blame Covid for this, too.
keep a close eye for possible scams this holiday season
3 mins

Tips for avoiding scams during the holiday shopping season

Don’t get scammed. Watch out for holiday shopping scammers and protect your online security with these tips.
Gift present wrapped in a red bow and encrypted wrapping paper.
9 mins

2021 Gift Guide: Best cybersecurity gifts for privacy protection

This post was originally published on December 11, 2020. In the whirlwind season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales...
app being deleted
4 mins

Delete these now: The worst apps for privacy in 2020

Here’s an easy resolution: Delete these apps that do no favors for your privacy.
An eye with a fingerprint.
8 mins

Biometric data collection around the world

What biometric records does your country have on you? We look at how 10 countries, including U.S., Australia, and China, collect and use biometric data.
2 mins

With a new bill, Canada could get very tough on data...

If passed, the GDPR-style regulations would include some of the heaviest fines in the world for privacy violations.
404 US badge
2 mins

Limiting the president’s power to shut down the internet

Right now, it’s alarmingly easy for the U.S. president to make the internet go dark. A new bill aims to change that.
A ballot box with American flag stripes and falling code.
3 mins

Will your vote count? 4 cyber threats on Election Day

Several methods of cyberattack could be used for election hacking in the U.S.—or at least causing chaos amid polling and vote counting across the country.
mental health app privacy issues
5 mins

What your mental health app reveals to big tech

Apps to help with stress, anxiety, and substance abuse are exploding in popularity. But are they giving away your privacy?

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