Security camera pointing at a grocery bag.
5 mins

Contactless supermarkets are here. But at what cost?

Contactless stores and delivery options have shot into the mainstream thanks to the spread of Covid-19. What does it mean for privacy?
A key atop a background of green numbers and letters (like the Matrix).
3 mins

EARN IT Act: U.S. might permanently ban end-to-end encryption

The EARN IT bill could make tech companies liable for its users' behavior and has far-reaching consequences for privacy and encryption.
Two phones on a map with lines intersecting from them.
3 mins

Google and Apple are co-creating a contact-tracing tool. Can you trust...

In what can only be described as the most unlikely of partnerships, Apple and Google have teamed up to...
A laptop with a dollar sign crossed out.
2 mins

Free things you can do online when you’re stuck at home

From museums and art galleries to games and newspapers, here’s a list of things to do online when you’re stuck at home.
Face ID scans with checkmarks next to them
2 mins

Facial recognition works even when you’re covering your face

Until recently, facial recognition software needed to scan your entire face in order to attempt to identify you. That...
Information falling out of a folder of government data .
8 mins

11 massive government data breaches

We hear about private companies getting hacked or exposing customer data, but government records are equally at risk of a breach.
five biggest scams in history
6 mins

5 biggest scams in history

Fraudsters have been running creative scams long before the internet. From Portugal to the U.S., here are some of the biggest scams ever.

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