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movie reel with a festive bow
19 mins

The 67 best Christmas movies to stream on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu,...

We bring good tidings, with a slew of new Christmas movies being released this year—here’s where to stream your favorite Christmas movie in 2023.
RFID tag
5 mins

What is RFID blocking?

We explain RFID blocking and why you (mostly) don’t need to worry about it.
Telegram chat message
3 mins

Is Telegram safe?

We share the pros and cons of the popular messaging app and security tips for using it safely.
colored dots with a key in the centre
4 mins

How to change your Google password

When did you last change your Google password? There’s no time like the present!
pig butchering scam with broken piggy bank
3 mins

What are pig butchering scams? (5 ways to spot them)

No, it’s nothing to do with black market meats. Yes, it’s another crypto scam.
how to factory reset android
5 mins

How to factory reset an Android device: 5 ways

Need a clean slate? We’ll take you through the process step by step.
best private search engines
14 mins

Best private search engines for secure and anonymous browsing

Worried about Google collecting your data? You might want to consider these private search engine alternatives.
big tech logos
20 mins

30 biggest tech companies in the world 2024 (full list)

These four companies have a sweeping influence on our digital and offline lives when it comes to privacy and access of information.
soccer movies roundup
8 mins

21 best soccer movies to stream (+ bonus TV shows)

Got World Cup fever? If you can’t get enough soccer, here are some movies and TV shows to kick things off.
jane austen movies
4 mins

10 Jane Austen movie adaptations ranked best to worst

Was Netflix’s Persuasion that bad? We list the best and worst Jane Austen movie adaptations and where to watch (or hate-watch) them.

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