My passions are politics, sports, and how data helps us understood both. I’m kind of like a discount Nate Silver who hasn’t been famously wrong about anything—yet.

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Starry sky with padlocks and bugs.
2 mins

Cybersecurity’s next frontier: Space

The world is waking up to a growing need to protect satellites and other space equipment.
Hotel door card with the Wi-Fi symbol.
3 mins

Security risks of hotel Wi-Fi

Travel is picking up in some parts of the world. If you’re in a hotel, take these simple precautions when you go online.
Film reels as Olympic rings.
3 mins

9 best movies about the Olympics to stream online

Get geared up for the world’s premier sporting event with these dramatized true stories, plus a documentary and a comedy classic.
A skull with water-drop eyes.
3 mins

Protecting power grids and water supplies from cyber attacks

Cybersecurity for public utilities is imperative—and daunting—but the potential consequences are too dire to ignore.
4 mins

7 best streaming services for sports and live games

Find out which streaming services are best for the sports you follow, from ESPN+ and Locast to YouTube TV.
5 mins

How to protect smart home devices from hacks

IoT appliances at home are entry points for hackers to access your network. Learn how to protect your vulnerable devices.
3 mins

Why is Facebook fighting Apple’s App Store ‘privacy labels’?

Apple has started requiring apps in its App Store to provide privacy labels, which tell users what types of data the app collects and sends to third parties.
Health cross symbol inside cross hairs.
3 mins

Why hospitals are getting more cyber attacks

Hint: We can blame Covid for this, too.
Various sports balls.
1 min

Love sports? Don’t miss a game with our new streaming sports...

The ExpressVPN Streaming Sports Newsletter will keep you informed on dates and times of upcoming games and tournaments, why they're worth tuning in to—and how to watch them with a VPN.
Countries with the best privacy laws
4 mins

10 countries with top data privacy laws

Around the world, we’re seeing countries respond to the need for better data privacy rules. Here are 10 places doing it right.

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