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The Flash vs. the fastest internet speeds in the world

How long would downloading the new Flash movie with the world's fastest internet take? Let’s find out!
turning it on and off again works
3 mins

Why does turning it off and on again work?

Here’s why flipping that switch is more helpful than you think.
3 mins

6 apps the U.S. might ban

TikTok is at risk of being banned in the U.S.—but what about popular apps like Shein, CapCut, and WeChat?
how much are you worth on the dark web (1)
9 mins

[Quiz] How much is your data worth on the dark web?

The price of a forged passport on the dark web is probably cheaper than you think.
4 mins

What reality TV shows are Australians watching?

We've rounded up the top-rated shows that Aussies can't get enough of.
7 mins

7 new social media apps: What sets them apart?

Heard of BeReal? Tried Mastodon? Find out what makes the most-buzzed-about new social platforms different and whether you should try them.
9 mins

What does CAPTCHA mean? (Definition and explanation)

Different types of CAPTCHAs protect websites from spambots. Here’s how they work, and tips to solve them. But first, find all the street signs in these images...
security-risks-of-smart-sex-toys (1)
7 mins

Smart devices for the bedroom: A security turn-off

Springing for a smart sex toy this Valentine’s Day? Recent security studies will make you think twice.
7 mins

Online dating scams: What to look out for

Here’s how online criminals steal more than hearts with these romance-related cons.
Envelope with a disguised face.
6 mins

How to send an anonymous email

Want to send an email without revealing your identity?
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