Unlocked padlock with a virus on it.
4 mins

1 year on: As Covid-19 raged, our privacy slid

One year after Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, we take a look at how it has changed our lives both online and off, for better or worse.
Dog's nose over a coronavirus particle.
3 mins

A less-invasive Covid-19 tracker: Sniffer dogs

Dogs are one of the most low-tech forms of surveillance around—and now a welcome addition in the effort to control the virus’s spread.
An illustration of a crowd of people, all wearing masks, under a surveillance camera.
4 mins

Covid-19’s biggest casualty will be the further degradation of our individual...

History, as they say, often repeats itself. And we’ve definitely seen this before. It took a cataclysmic event to sow...
Laptop with a fishing hook caught on a virus.
2 mins

How to spot Covid-19 phishing and ransomware attacks

NOTE: This post was originally published on April 7, 2020 Spring is normally the time when tax-related phishing scams spike,...
A face mask being recorded on a computer screen.
3 mins

Countries are using greater surveillance measures to track Covid-19. What are...

Heightened global concerns over the novel coronavirus have compelled countries to implement measures such as flight suspensions, mandatory quarantine...
Phone with apps crossed out.
4 mins

Tech Friend: Choosing apps for technological sovereignty

Some app bans are driven by countries' goals of developing, controlling, and providing critical technology used by its own people.
12 mins

Survey: How worried are you about cybercrime while traveling?

Up to 7% of travelers fall victim to cybercrime on their vacations. Learn which nations feel best prepared to tackle scams and hacking while abroad.
21 mins

Cybersecurity spending: How much are countries investing in their digital defenses?

Belgium is the nation best prepared for cyber attacks, while the U.S. leads in cybersecurity spending.
19 mins

Dual dominance: 20+ pro athletes who are big gamers

Discover how F1 driver Max Verstappen dominates in “FIFA,” basketball player Gordon Hayward’s “Fortnite” passion, and heptathlete Erica Bougard’s vision for a female gamer group.
19 mins

WhatsApp scams (with pictures): How to protect yourself from the latest...

Crypto romance scams, AI voice cloning cons, and other ways WhatsApp messages can try to harm you.

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