New security settings for all ExpressVPN apps

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We’re fanatical about your privacy and security.

security upgrade across all expressvpn apps

ExpressVPN apps are now stronger than ever. That’s right. The latest iteration of ExpressVPN apps just received an security settings upgrade to stay ahead with best-in-class security practices. That means you can continue to go online with privacy, security, and freedom.

The latest settings are:

  • 4096-bit CA and SHA512 to authenticate ExpressVPN servers
  • only use TLSv1.2 with strong ciphers
  • AES-256-CBC for stream encryption

If you’re using ExpressVPN apps: you’ll see a “new version available” notification if necessary.

If you’ve manually configured an OpenVPN client: you can continue using your current configurations. However, to take advantage of the new security settings, ExpressVPN recommends downloading the latest *.ovpn files for your desired locations. You can do that by logging into the ExpressVPN website and going to the Manual Configuration for OpenVPN section.

openvpn manual configurationFor detailed instructions on how to set up your OpenVPN configurations, please visit the Support Center.

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