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Tech Friend by ExpressVPN

You probably have that one friend you call or text whenever you have a question about technology. And they might be sick of you by now—but that’s O.K., because we’re here to help.

Pose a question to Tech Friend, and you might see your question answered in a Q&A-style article, which we’ll publish regularly.

What kind of questions can I submit?

You’re free to ask any question about cybersecurity, privacy, or everyday technology. Here are some examples: Does Incognito mode prevent ad tracking? Are there ways to avoid facial recognition? I have high-quality routers at home, so why would my Wi-Fi be so slow?

If you have questions about your ExpressVPN subscription or need troubleshooting help, please contact Support.

How do I submit a question?

All you have to do is email your question to

Feel free to sign off with any name, or no name at all. If we answer your question, this name will be published alongside your question. We may edit your questions during publishing for clarity.

Can I contribute answers to Tech Friend?

If you have an insight on a submitted question, leave a comment on the article! (As always, comments are subject to moderation.)

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