ExpressVPN to join Kape—your questions, answered

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ExpressVPN is excited to share that we plan to join Kape Technologies to form the clear global leader in digital privacy. With Kape’s support and resources, we’ll be able to innovate faster and provide you with protection from a wider range of threats. To learn more, check out our full announcement.

Here, we answer some of your top questions about this announcement:

What does this mean for me as an ExpressVPN customer?
We’re joining Kape to enable us to jointly level-up our ability to advance digital rights and protections, and so we hope this means that we’ll be able to offer ExpressVPN customers like you an even better service going forward. For now, nothing will change about your subscription or service as a direct result of this deal. In the long run, everything you’ve come to know and love about ExpressVPN will only continue to improve: our award-winning speed and reliability, premium global server network and bandwidth, 24/7 live chat, BVI jurisdiction, policy of not collecting activity or connection logs, and more.

Will ExpressVPN continue operating as its own service?
Yes, ExpressVPN will continue operating as a separate brand and service, run by our existing team. We’ve been proud to lead the industry in terms of technology, product, infrastructure, customer support, transparency, and more—and we plan to continue doing so as an independent service. With the backing of Kape, we aim for ExpressVPN to continue delivering more innovations and improvements to users.

Are there any changes to your terms of service and privacy policy?
We will be updating our terms of service and privacy policy to transparently reflect relevant changes in ownership and/or legal entities. The important thing, though, is that we maintain the same firm commitment to protecting your privacy, and we will continue to collect no more than the minimal data required to operate our VPN service, in line with our longstanding policies.

What is ExpressVPN doing to ensure that it continues to uphold its high privacy standards?
ExpressVPN is, first and foremost, a privacy company, and our service has always been built on key privacy and security principles to ensure users are protected.

Our first principle has always been to collect only the minimal data required to operate a world-class VPN service at scale. This is key to minimizing data risk for users—no one can have access to data if we don’t collect it to begin with. That’s why we have a clear policy of not collecting any activity or connection logs, which we will continue as part of Kape.

In addition, all our services and operations follow the least-privilege model. Even ExpressVPN employees are authorized access to only the services and production systems necessary for their roles. We explain this and how else we protect your privacy and security in greater detail here on our Trust Center. ExpressVPN customer data will continue to be held in its own entity, under BVI jurisdiction.

We’ll also continue our long history of leading the industry in transparency through independent third-party audits and penetration tests.

Why is ExpressVPN joining Kape?
Digital privacy has never been more important. Together with Kape Technologies, we believe we’ll have the vision, talent, and resources to define the next generation of privacy and security protection tools and services to return greater control over the digital sphere to individuals.

We believe that to make the broadest impact possible we need to team up with others who share our values—whether it’s through co-founding the VPN Trust Initiative with industry peers, working with brands like HP and Nokia Phones to provide protection to their users, or collaborating with advocacy organizations like OpenMedia and Frontline Defenders.

It was essential to us that anyone we teamed up with shared our strong fundamental commitment to user privacy, and Kape has demonstrated that in spades through its family of brands. By joining Kape Technologies, we’re making our biggest move to level-up our ability to innovate faster, expand our product offerings, and advance the state of privacy technology. We have long led the industry with innovations such as TrustedServer and Lightway, and we have no plans of slowing down. In fact, we’ll have more feature announcements in the near future, so stay tuned!

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