Nokia phones choose ExpressVPN and Spotify as must-have apps

HMD Global, makers of Nokia phones, announced partnerships with two market-leading companies providing must-have online services: Spotify and ExpressVPN.
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ExpressVPN partners with HMD Global.

Our phones contain all manner of personal information—whether it’s baby photos, credit-card details, or embarrassing, guilty-pleasure playlists—which is why it’s crucial to protect our devices and data with a virtual private network (VPN). 

As the world’s leading premium VPN service provider, ExpressVPN helps millions of people secure their connection and personal data with best-in-class encryption. And now, we are proud to partner with HMD Global, one of the world’s leading mobile manufacturers, to bring online security to Nokia phone users around the world. 

To kick off the partnership, HMD Global has announced that ExpressVPN will come preinstalled on millions of Nokia phones, joining Spotify, along with Amazon and Netflix, on HMD Global’s curated list of preloaded apps.

Starting with the newly released Nokia XR20 smartphone, Nokia phone users will be able to enjoy ExpressVPN all set up and ready to use on their devices from day one—which means you’re just a tap away from a safer, more private online browsing experience. Besides smartphones, the partnership also extends to the new Nokia T20 tablet. Preloaded with both ExpressVPN and Google Kids Space for the utmost in family-friendly online security, the T20 sets a precedent as the first-ever tablet to have ExpressVPN preinstalled.

“We’re proud to have been selected by HMD Global as one of two new industry-leading partners for their new Nokia phone series. It demonstrates that, just like music-streaming services, premium VPNs are now in the mainstream and a must-have for all smartphone users,said Harold Li, vice president of ExpressVPN.

“Many people may not realize the extent to which their internet activities may be exposed, putting their privacy and security at risk. We’re delighted to partner with HMD Global to provide protection out of the box that enables customers to take back control of their online privacy by putting the power back in their hands—and, in this case, their phones.”

Stephen Taylor, CMO at HMD Global, said: We’ve always been proud to partner with the industry’s best for our fans. Today we add two more names [Spotify and ExpressVPN] to this extended family of leading brands that allow for the most innovative experiences for Nokia phone owners. Every partnership further enhances what we stand for and we collaborate with those we trust, so you can too.”

“For Nokia phones, our customers are on the go. Their smartphones and tablets are constantly connected to the internet across a multitude of networks where they’re exchanging emails, completing banking transactions, and browsing the web. We’re pleased to be able to give our customers encrypted protection as they use our devices to provide peace of mind and protect their digital data,” said Taylor.

ExpressVPN’s partnership with HMD Global sees two ioXt-certified global brands united in a move to marry convenience and data protection, and illustrates that VPNs are an indispensable tool for digital privacy.

We’re excited to be partnering with HMD Global and look forward to promoting digital privacy and cybersecurity together, and to continue bringing users greater online privacy, freedom, and peace of mind, no matter where they and their Nokia smartphone may go.

ExpressVPN now comes preloaded on the following Nokia devices:

Nokia G10
Nokia G11
Nokia G20
Nokia G21

Nokia X10
Nokia X20
Nokia XR20
Nokia G50
Nokia T20

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