Aaron Engel

Aaron Engel is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at ExpressVPN responsible for ensuring the security and privacy of our users, employees, and company. He currently leads the Security and Information Technology (IT) teams to deliver unified security and productivity to all parties.

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12 mins

DNS vs. VPN vs. Smart DNS: What’s the difference?

A VPN does everything Smart DNS can do and much more. So are there cases where you’d want to use Smart DNS instead?
17 mins

10 scams you should know about in 2024

“Hello, this is the IRS…”
10 mins

Firewall vs. VPN: What’s the difference?

Find out what firewalls do and whether you should use a firewall or VPN, or both, for your online security.
3 mins

ExpressVPN’s response to the AutoSpill vulnerability

A paper presented earlier this month revealed a vulnerability in password managers. Here's what we've done to protect users.
Does a VPN keep you anonymous
6 mins

Tech Friend: When in doubt, sign out

What a VPN can and cannot do for your privacy and anonymity if you’re signed in to an account like Google.
3 mins

Upgrading Lightway to DTLS 1.3, an industry first for safety and...

ExpressVPN is one of the first services in the world to implement the new version of DTLS, designed for secure communication over untrusted networks.

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