Welcoming Osaka as our newest VPN server location

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Osaka VPN is here.

While we are quietly delighted whenever we add a server location to ExpressVPN, sometimes a new location is just worth shouting about a little more than others. We’ve recently added Osaka to our list of Japanese server locations, which joins Tokyo and Shibuya.

What makes it noteworthy? A former capital of Japan and the country’s third-largest city, Osaka is an enviable place to travel to or live in, offering a rich combination of historical sites, vibrant nightlife, specialty foods, and unique culture. And an Osaka VPN benefits residents and travelers alike, providing online security while allowing them to use the internet as if they are there, even when they’re away.  

With an Osaka VPN, residents who are traveling can easily access their services from home, such as banking sites, as well as stream (via TVer) Osaka area-specific TV channels like Osaka TV, Kansai TV, ABC TV, and MBS. ExpressVPN also works well with Netflix, Hulu, Abema, U-NEXT, and other services providing extensive Japanese content.

If you’re about to visit the Osaka area, a VPN can help you access Japanese websites for tasks like hotel bookings and ticket bookings in advance. Japanese websites are often significantly different from their English versions, providing greater convenience to both Japanese residents abroad and foreigners.

While we recommend keeping a VPN on at all times for privacy and security, an Osaka VPN could mean a more optimal experience for those based near Osaka, as their IP address would reflect a closer approximation to their physical location. This means your searches continue to show local results when your VPN is enabled.

ExpressVPN is proud to have one of the largest, most far-reaching networks of VPN servers, with server locations in 105 countries and many of those countries featuring multiple locations. We’ve also upgraded to 10Gbps servers in most places, meaning faster speeds for you.

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