ExpressVPN receives ioXt certification for security

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Smart devices and mobile apps are now ubiquitous in our lives. Many of us would find it hard to live without them.

But how do you know if the products you use are safe and secure? Do they collect and sell your private information? How can consumers know which ones to trust?

Today ExpressVPN is proud to announce that we are one of the few apps in the world certified by the ioXt Alliance. This certification empowers consumers to use our services with greater confidence that their privacy and digital security are protected.

What is the ioXt Alliance?

Counting big names like Google, Amazon, and Comcast as members, the ioXt Alliance sets security and privacy standards for Internet of Things products and certifies them for compliance. Consumers can rest assured while using certified items that they have stringent security safeguards in place to protect users’ privacy and shield them against data theft.

Once focusing solely on IoT products, the alliance has expanded its certification to VPN apps. ExpressVPN is one of a select few to have received ioXt’s seal of approval for its security standard, helping to set and formalize industry standards that others can follow.

“Consumers count on their VPN to protect their data and identity,” says Brad Ree, CTO at ioXt Alliance. “The ioXt Alliance certification program provides the confidence and transparency needed for consumers to make informed decisions when picking a VPN.”

What did ioXt evaluate?

Here are some of the features that ioXt examined in our apps:

  • The strength and reputation of our cryptography
  • Password and other authentication requirements for user accounts
  • Network traffic encryption
  • Whether security features are enabled by default

Take back control of your digital life

At ExpressVPN, we want our users to feel empowered, rather than intimidated, by our technology. In that effort, we are eager to have our VPN applications assessed by third parties and to make suggested improvements as appropriate.

Audits by trusted third parties, including our security assessment by Cure53 and a PwC Switzerland audit of our privacy policy compliance and our in-house technology TrustedServer, provide independent reviews of the privacy and security commitments we make to customers.

These assessments complement our other trust and transparency efforts, including providing open-source leak testing tools, publicly detailing our security practices, and launching the VPN Trust Initiative, which aims to promote public awareness about internet safety.

Vanessa is an editor of the blog.