Watch House of Cards with ExpressVPN

Watch House of Cards with ExpressVPN.

House of Cards returns to Netflix on Tuesday 30 May. And you can watch every episode securely with ExpressVPN.

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The shocking new season trailer airs: Are the Underwoods about to fall?

Fans of the show will be pleased to know the whole series will be available on Netflix simultaneously, so you can binge-watch the lot at once.

Season four ended with Claire Underwood securing the Democratic nomination for vice presidency, putting her on Frank’s ticket. Where will the story pick up?

Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, has descended from champion of human rights in season 1 to veritable femme fatale by season 4. Frank’s hand was undeniably forced by his wife as she forced her way into power—will he seek revenge?

Could season 4 focus on a power struggle within the Underwood empire? Let’s not forget Claire’s affair with Thomas Yates; the novelist employed to write Frank’s book—could that come back to bite her?

There’s also the small matter of the multiple murders Frank and his trusty sidekick, Doug Stamper, committed over the years. They can’t go unpunished, surely?

Whatever happens next, it’s sure to be entertaining!

Watch the House of Cards Season 5 trailer

Get ready for House of Cards Season 5 by binge-watching 1-4

House of Cards is one of Netflix’s most popular original productions, and you can access the complete seasons 1-4 of House of Cards on Netflix, right now!

Use ExpressVPN to watch every House of Cards episode securely and free from throttling.

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