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Globe with sunglasses under spotlights.
4 mins

What to do when you accidentally go viral

So you’ve gone viral. Maybe it was intentional, but it most likely wasn’t. Either way, the cat’s out of...
Phone with location pin and luggage handles.
Video post
4 mins

How to track your own luggage

Love to travel but hate lost luggage? You might want to consider including a tracker device in your suitcase. Our two-minute video will show you how it works.
Attacks from multiple places at the same time.
6 mins

7 examples of the biggest DDoS attacks

Including that time Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify all went down.
Pippa King interview portrait.
5 mins

Q&A: Pippa King, on the fight against surveillance in schools

"Technology is a fantastic tool. However, I think we have been like kids in a candy shop gorging ourselves with tech over the past 30 years."
Good vs evil Reddit Snoo.
5 mins

Is Reddit safe?

Reddit is an invaluable tool for sharing information—but is it secure? Here are a few tips for staying safe while using Reddit.
Soccer ball with throbber loading wheel.
6 mins

How to fix lag in FIFA 22 & 23

Find out the cause behind your lag and take your FIFA team to the championships—with no bandwidth restrictions and minimal lag!
Speedometer with download symbol.
7 mins

How to increase download speed on your PC

For all those times when everything just won’t load.
Steering wheel with Wi-Fi symbol.
5 mins

What is wardriving

Wardriving is the act of searching for vulnerable Wi-Fi networks from inside a moving vehicle. Here's how you can keep your network protected.
Paid vs free VPN comparison.
Video post
2 mins

Should you use a free VPN?

There are many VPNs out there at different price points. Many are even free. Watch our video to find out the pros and cons of using a free VPN.
YouTube logo with an arrow.
18 mins

15 best YouTube alternative sites and competitors in 2024

As issues of censorship increasingly dominate the headlines, we take a look at some alternative video sharing platforms to YouTube.

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