Test your web skills with the ExpressVPN internet privacy quiz


The Ultimate Internet Privacy Quiz

How well do you exercise your right to online privacy?

Are you a Fort Knox of solitude, a bastion of web strength, and an unbreakable wall of Internet security? Or are you a leaky sieve filled with rotten cabbage?

Let’s find out! Test your skills with ExpressVPN‘s ultimate privacy quiz.


  1. Seriously people, I enjoyed the test (9-11) score, personally Snowden and politics I seemed to miss, only because i must had been focused on something else that was right in front of my eye.s SEROUSLY PLEASE invest towards security from these smart devises, (ioT) My devices know me better than I know my self? Whom is in control of this information if I’m not?

  2. Just because someone is not interested in technology as much as you do it does not mean they are unintelligent. They are intelligent elsewhere. Thank you for a useful quiz for anyone.

    • Smart phone, smart tv, smart water, smart device, technology seems to out smart us. All! If one does. Or care about constant offensive spying, tracking, hacking, right to privacy, 4th admendment rights (If one lives in us.), ect, then that person needs to wake up and see with both eyes! Risking loosing your identity, accounts, credit, money, anomity, +1,000,000,000,000 (zero=infinity) seriously, people WAKE UP, and invest towards offensive and defensive security relating to technology.
      – I’m new to the world. I am about to Order, a renewal.

  3. What a waste of time. Totally targeted towards the unintelligent. ExpressVPN, I hope you realize this is not your exclusive customer base. Looking forward to something insightful and on point. This quiz was akin to reading the back of a cereal box.


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