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8 reasons to use a VPN for work

Protect yourself and your company.
9 mins

Instagram phishing: How to stay safe from scams

That attractive stranger sending you messages on Instagram? It might turn into a phishing scam.
8 mins

How to choose a router

In the market for a new router? Read about the various consideration when choosing one to suit your needs.
10 mins

How to change your IP address on Android

It’s not just with a VPN; learn all the ways to change your IP.
8 mins

Why is Tor browser so slow? How to make it faster

Tor browser is great for anonymity, but its speeds can be frustrating. Here are some tips to optimize your Tor experience.
14 mins

Is someone spying on your phone?

If someone is spying on your phone, there will likely be signs. You can attempt to find and remove spyware, as well as take precautions against it.
3 mins

How to change your home address on an iPhone

A few ways to make your life easier by letting your phone fill in your address.

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