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Microchip manipulating marionette
8 mins

New AI tech bodes ill for identity theft, scams, and propaganda

Artificial intelligence like GPT-3 is advancing deepfakes by imitating real faces, voices, and words. This could spell trouble for the future of humanity.
Crossed out cult symbol
5 mins

Tech resources for leaving a cult

Trapped in a cult? Leaving can be difficult and frightening. Follow our tech safety guide and start to regain control of your life.
app being deleted
4 mins

Delete these now: The worst apps for privacy in 2020

Here’s an easy resolution: Delete these apps that do no favors for your privacy.
An eye with a fingerprint.
8 mins

Biometric data collection around the world

What biometric records does your country have on you? We look at how 10 countries, including U.S., Australia, and China, collect and use biometric data.
Eye with padlock.
8 mins

Ranked: Best (and worst) search engines for privacy in 2024

Is your search engine on the bad list?
Security app icons on Android screen
7 mins

7 best Android security apps for 2021

As of early 2021, not only is Android the most used smartphone operating system in the world, it is...

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