Easy, always-on protection starts with Aircove

Find out how our VPN routers deliver seamless security for all your devices—at home and away.

Experience the AircoveOS difference

Developed by ExpressVPN and audited by Cure53, AircoveOS is the technology that underpins both Aircove and Aircove Go. It’s brimming with exclusive features designed to simplify, amplify, and extend VPN protection for you and your family. And your privacy? It’s front and center of it all.

Device groups

Sort your devices into groups, each with its own location and settings.

Advanced protection

Block trackers, malicious sites, and pesky display ads.

Parental controls

Set times for internet access and block adult content.

VPN on everything

Protect every device—even ones that can’t normally run a VPN.

Quick setup

Get connected in five minutes. It’s the easiest router setup out there!

Wi-Fi Link

Exclusive to Aircove Go. Connect to the internet via another Wi-Fi network, no cable needed.

Network Lock

Our kill switch blocks all internet traffic when your VPN connection drops, protecting your data.

Pro features

WPA3 Wi-Fi security, dynamic DNS, port forwarding, and Lightway Passthrough.

Auto updates

Wake up to the latest features and security improvements, delivered straight to your Aircove.

Flexibility that fits any household

Because every family’s different, and that’s OK. AircoveOS lets you create groups—up to five of them—for all your devices, each with its own VPN location. So you can watch the game in the UK, while your partner streams shows from Australia, and the kids get to game like they’re in Japan. Everyone wins!

Keeping the peace at home? It’s as easy as keeping everyone connected. Once your devices have joined the network for the first time, they’ll remember it from that point on. So it’s not just the Wi-Fi connection that’s automatic, but the VPN protection, too. You don’t have to install the app at all, if you don’t want to.

And if you do happen to connect to ExpressVPN on a particular device while simultaneously connecting to the VPN via Aircove, no problem. Lightway Passthrough, an AircoveOS feature, sorts out that "double VPN" scenario for you without any configuration at all.

Enjoy advanced protection, too

With smart home devices like voice assistants and baby monitors becoming potential points of entry for online snoops, access points into our homes are no longer limited to doors and windows.

AircoveOS was designed to be compatible with any online device, not just ones that can download a VPN. So you can finally protect all your family’s devices, and leave nothing to chance.
Besides the benefits you expect from a world-class VPN, AircoveOS provides advanced protection features, including:

Do it all on your dashboard

Organize your devices
For each group, set a VPN location or choose:

  • Smart Location, which selects the best location for you based on network conditions

  • No VPN, for when you want a device connected to the internet but not using VPN

  • No internet, for when you want to block individual devices from accessing the internet

  • Your preferred advanced protection settings to apply, if any

Set up advanced protection
Decide which advanced protection settings to apply and even limit internet access at certain times!

Nerd out over pro features
Enable custom DNS, port forwarding, and more. Technical users can get their hands dirty if they want to.

Wi-Fi Link UI of Aircove

Take your VPN-protected network anywhere

With Aircove running, your Wi-Fi network is fully encrypted and private, and so is any device that connects to it. But what if you’re headed out on a family vacation, or need to work remotely for a while?

Aircove Go lets you hit the road with peace of mind. Turn any public hotspot into your own VPN-protected network with Wi-Fi Link, an exclusive feature that lets you connect to the internet via another Wi-Fi network, even those with captive login portals.