Advanced protection features with Aircove

Block ads, trackers, and harmful sites, set parental controls, and more

Secure all your devices with an all-in-one router: ExpressVPN Aircove

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For a safer online experience

Aircove is also available on FlashRouters.

Whole-home protection made easy

Use on all your devices

These advanced protection features can be flexibly applied to every device connected to the Aircove router.

No need to install apps

You can instantly use these features on your devices after your Aircove is set up—which just takes 5 minutes.

Seamless VPN integration

Our VPN and advanced protection features complement each other, delivering the best speeds and performance.

Easy device management

Sort your devices into groups and simply enable the advanced protection settings you want per group.

24/7 world-class support

Like with other ExpressVPN services, help with these features is readily available from our Support Team.

Automatic blocklist updates

The lists of blocked sites and trackers are regularly updated to cover the most recent threats.


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What devices can I use these advanced protection features on?
Can I apply these features just to specific devices?
How do you determine what counts as adult sites?
How do you determine what counts as ads?
I still see ads with the ad blocker turned on. Why is that?
Does using an ad blocker affect my web browsing experience?

Home protection, redefined.

Safeguard your family's digital life. With Aircove.