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Are you a self-described ‘travelphile’? Do you love meeting new people, seeing new sights, and experiencing new cultures?

I thought I was until I actually went traveling. And then spent all my time watching TV. I like watching TV, and the world has so much of it!

Sure, it’s nice to expand your horizons and see how other parts of the world work, but there’s so much crap involved: lugging your suitcase around, waiting in line at airport security, cramming into a tiny plane where you’re forced to sit next to someone who doesn’t know how to breathe properly, dealing with layovers, going through immigration, checking into a hotel and realizing they’re overbooked, finding transportation, having to get out of bed, talking to people… you get the picture.

Sometimes (all the time) you just want to close the hotel curtains, ignore that beautiful world outside, and put on the TV.

Taking a VPN on my travels meant I was able to connect to server locations around the world, making sure I always had access to the best content and sites that may not have been available otherwise. Brilliant.

A view of Times Square I didn’t see from my hotel room

Stop 1: USA — How to Watch Channels Like CBS and The CW with a Proxy VPN

There’s so much to see in the US–and so much to watch. Whenever I visit, I can’t help but spend all day using my VPN to watch DirectTV and ordering massive hamburgers. And when I get bored of watching On Demand and eating massive hamburgers (which is never), I sometimes use my VPN to watch CBS All Access too! (I still order the massive hamburgers, though).

Sometimes, when traveling, I have an urge to reconnect with my younger self, so I use a VPN proxy to turn on CW TV. It’s quite lovely, actually. Who needs to explore when there’s all this great TV and massive hamburgers delivered to your hotel door? Not this guy.

Stop 2: Canada — The Best Part about Canada Is Watching Sling TV

The lovely mass of land north of the US is known for more than just Mounties and maple syrup. I especially love visiting in the summer, when it’s slightly less cold. While I could spend my time soaking up the sights and sounds, I usually waste my days watching Sling TV. I simply love it. Yay! If you’re wondering how to get Sling TV in Canada, the answer is a VPN.

Stop 3: Switzerland — Seeing Europe with Zattoo VPN

Switzerland has been in the news a lot recently, what with banking scandals and the Panama Leak. Zurich is a fantastic city — exactly how I imagined Europe would look.

I loved it, but Switzerland speaks predominantly German, which I’m too lazy to learn. What I am good at is watching TV. And TV lets me see Zurich with subtitles. Boom. Thank you, TV.

Zattoo TV seems to have the biggest library of content in Switzerland. There’s a live app and lots of soccer. Except it’s pronounced fußball in German, and Sportschau and Sport Ard seem to show it 24/7. Goal!

Stop 4: Britain — How to Watch 4OD with a VPN

Kings and Queens. Everyone knows Britain is full of them. Yes, the weather is terrible, but at least they have crumpets.

Watching British TV is a real treat, and adult language appears to be perfectly acceptable. On every live channel. Right on, Britain; you majestic, potty-mouthed heroes.

Definitely worth a watch is 4OD, Channels 4’s online demand service, packed full of cutting edge comedy and drama from E4 and more. Superb stuff.

Stop 5: Australia — Watch Australian TV Online

Australia is famously full of things that want to kill you, a fact made abundantly clear when you watch Australian TV online. Shows like Crocodile Hunter, Survivor – The Australian Outback, and worst of all, Australia’s Got Talent make you glad you’re safely locked away in a hotel room.

ExpressVPN like to herald the safety features of a VPN and let me tell you, using a VPN (virtual private network) to watch Australian TV is definitely safer than being attacked by an angry koala. Just look at those things:

No thanks.

On the other hand, Australia does have cricket. Which is a marvelous sport, apparently invented solely as an excuse for drinking in the sun. Respect, Australia.

Stop 6: India — Just Watch Hotstar

India is as batty about cricket as Australia, and you can watch it almost 24/7 with a Hotstar VPN. But it’s not all about the cricket; Hotstar is packed full of blockbuster Hollywood movies and, more importantly, Bollywood! That stuff is amazing. I could watch Hotstar Bollywood all day.

So much drama!

The acting is something special, and I’m sure there’s a drinking game to be had by predicting the seemingly random song and dance sequences.

Stream Hotstar, stream life, I say…

I hope you enjoyed my trip around the world. I didn’t.

Still, my VPN did come in pretty handy when traveling, for all kinds of reasons.

What’s your favorite TV from around the world? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image: peshkova / Deposit Photos
Times Square: Hackman / Deposit Photos

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