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Traveling is probably the best time to use a VPN, and not just because a lot of countries censor the Internet. You’ll likely be moving around a lot and connecting to a whole host of public Wi-Fi hotspots that are probably not very secure.

Consider a travel VPN a personal, specialized technology resource in your pocket. You can tap into it anytime for reassurance of a full and secure Internet connection, wherever you are.

Is Airplane Wi-Fi Safe?

Traveling usually requires flying, which means airport and airplane Wi-Fi connections. Both are very similar to regular public Wi-Fi, with one notable difference: the sheer amount of people who use them. That much unsecured data literally flying around is an attacker’s golden goose.

As for airplane Wi-Fi safety, it really depends on your definition of safe. Though not much good as a lifejacket, a travel VPN will certainly keep your connection secure. And it will allow you to freely visit any site that the Wi-Fi service provider has restricted access to.

Use a VPN to Look Cool on Your Travels

As you galavant around the world, you’ll no doubt bump into others who can’t get their email due to local Internet policies.

There are a number of reasons people might need their email abroad; perhaps they’ve had money stolen and need to beg for help, or maybe they just want to send gloating pics about their travels.

Whatever the situation, imagine the awe you’ll receive as you reveal yourself to be a one-man travel technology show by whipping out your personal VPN and connecting to any website or service in seconds.

This gives you the unprecedented opportunity to look like one debonair, carefree player, for both people at home and those VPNless fools you’ve met on your travels. Win/Win. Well done, you.

There may also be times, during those long, lonely nights, when you’ll want a bit of private Internet access time. VPNs come up trumps there, too, as no one will be able to log your browsing history.

The Best VPN for International Travel

When you’re out and about in the big, wild world, a free VPN proxy service probably won’t have the backup and assurance you need. But ExpressVPN’s 24/7 live support makes it the best paid VPN on the market.

ExpressVPN is the perfect VPN for travelers, you can install and use it on any of your devices and with servers in more than 80 countries and 99.9% uptime, you can worry about more important things — like how many pina coladas you can squeeze in before breakfast on the beach.

Bonus: ExpressVPN needs no hardware, other than the device you want to surf the unrestricted Internet on. Which means there’s no need for a travel router, leaving you more luggage space to take home one of those erotic ash trays from Thailand.

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