ExpressVPN now accepts Bitcoin

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We’re fanatical about your privacy and security.


ExpressVPN is committed to ensuring user privacy, which is why Bitcoin is an accepted payment method for users signing up for new accounts.

If you already have a Bitcoin wallet with Bitcoin in it, subscribing to ExpressVPN is fast and easy. There’s no need to enter countless fields of information like your name, mailing address, credit card number, and so on. ExpressVPN requires an email address, and that’s it (for things like password assistance, help setting up, and subscription information).

The 30-day money back guarantee still applies to Bitcoin payments, so if for any reason you’re unhappy with the service, you’ll get the money refunded, quibble free.

Using Bitcoin is fast, easy, and secure. ExpressVPN’s Internet privacy guide features step-by-step instructions on how you can start paying with Bitcoin today!


ExpressVPN ♥ Bitcoin!

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