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Cross health symbol with Wi-Fi signal.
5 mins

The rise of telehealth: What it means for patient privacy

The increased adoption of telehealth services across the globe brings with it new and unprecedented privacy and security challenges.
Pencil eraser wiping a smartphone.
2 mins

How to wipe your iPhone or Android before selling it

Failing to correctly wipe your smartphone could leave your information vulnerable for access by its next owner. Here’s how to do it.
Red circle with cross and mouse cursor.
4 mins

How reputation management can help you stay private

Online reputation management (ORM) isn’t just for celebrities and politicians. Regular individuals can use these paid services to control the flow of their personal data.
Free streaming $0.
63 mins

60 best free streaming services around the world

It’s time to start planning for your next lazy weekend to binge all the content in the world. You don’t even have to pay.
RAID storage data backup.
5 mins

Guide to data hoarding for the end of the world

Do you like to download large quantities of information off the internet for safe keeping? You might be a data hoarder—and that’s a good thing!
Xbox logo mark with warning signs.
2 mins

How to stop DDoS attacks on Xbox

Want to game in peace? Find out what’s behind the increase in gaming related DDoS attacks, and what you can do to protect your Xbox.
User icon with frustration lines emanating from their globe head.
8 mins

Why is my internet so slow? And how to fix it

Can’t connect? We know that pain. Can connect but it’s painfully slow? We know that pain and we hate it more. Here’s what might be the culprit.
Albert Fox Cahn Q&A
Video post
9 mins

Q&A with surveillance critic Albert Fox Cahn

We speak with the founder of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (S.T.O.P.) in New York City about the fight to dismantle mass surveillance.
Fediverse logo.
3 mins

Big Tech censoring you? Try a distributed social network

Social media and Big Tech might censor content it deems “fake news” or inappropriate. Try distributed or federated social networks like Mastodon for free speech.
Open Source Initiative logo.
3 mins

Free and open-source software (FOSS): Pros and cons for security

Chances are you’ve used more free and open-source software (FOSS) than you realise. We take a look at the benefits of FOSS.

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