5 ways a VPN will make your internet better (with added kitten pics)

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A VPN will make your internet better for cats

There are two indisputable truths about the internet; cats own it, and a VPN will improve it.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways a VPN can help you (and some pictures of cats).

1. A VPN can save you money

Use a VPN to save money online
Look at my monies. Come at me, internet.

Some comparison sites might discriminate against users based on their location. Offering different prices to users from different countries maximizes their revenue.

If you think something is costing you too much, simply switch VPN location and search again.


2. Look at what you want to look at on the internet

Use the internet how you want with a VPN
Lesser VPN providers might make a joke about looking up p*#!y on the internet. But not us.

Don’t let governments and corporations dictate what you can see on the web. The internet is a vast encyclopedia of unfathomable knowledge (and cats), and it should not be capped or controlled by nefarious groups for sinister reasons.

A VPN is the simplest way to get an open and unrestricted internet, allowing everyone to look at what they want, when they want, who they want.

3. Stop Governments (or anyone else) spying on you

Stop the NSA snooping with a VPN
Somewhere a cat is looking at you, silently judging.

The NSA is snooping on citizens in the U.S. and around the world. Metadata from internet usage is used to track our activities, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could be legally obliged to pass on data to the NSA.

A VPN’s tunneled connection helps protect your data from surveillance and censorship, reinstating your online privacy and freedom of expression.

4. Beat the buffer and watch online HD videos

Use a VPN to beat ISP throttling
Definitely not photoshopped. It’s just a really cool cat.

If you’re suffering from buffering, your Internet Service Provider might be throttling your internet connection.

Throttling is when your ISP inspects your data and restricts your download speeds.

A VPN lets you watch what you want without your ISP interfering so that you can enjoy content with privacy, security, blazing fast speeds, and unlimited bandwidth.

5. Stop Google harvesting all your data

Protect yourself from data harvesting with a VPN
Where’s your corn, peasant?

To be fair, it’s not just Google. Every search engine from Bing to Yahoo will catalog your searches. The logged data ensures all those surprisingly relevant ads are targeted directly at you.

A third party tracking all your embarrassing searches is far from desirable. And what if said third party gets hacked?

Save the internet, save the kitties

Right now a VPN is just a great way to unleash the full power of the web. But there will undoubtedly come a time when a VPN becomes as necessary as the internet itself.

Protect your connection and online freedom and don’t let no fool stop you looking at purdy cat pictures.

Why do you use a VPN? Any top tips? Share them in the comments below.



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