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This page is for users who see a Connection Limit Reached warning or users who want to know how many devices can be connected to ExpressVPN at once.

A single subscription allows for three simultaneously connected devices, regardless of platform (including virtual machines). In short:

  • You may install ExpressVPN on any number of devices, but only three devices can be connected at any one time.
  • If you are nearing the limit, simply disconnect a device you are not using. Click or tap on the green VPN ON button to disconnect your device.

If you’re getting a “Connection Limit Reached” warning but have less than three devices connected, contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for immediate assistance.

Example: One ExpressVPN subscription could be used on:

  • three computers, or
  • two iPhones and one iPad, or
  • one computer, one Kindle Fire, and one router, or
  • any other similar combination regardless of device type.

If you would like to use more than three devices simultaneously, you’ll need to purchase additional subscriptions.

Alternatively, you can connect any number of devices to ExpressVPN by using a VPN router.


Make the most of your ExpressVPN subscription

Take advantage of your ExpressVPN subscription by installing ExpressVPN’s apps on all of your computers and devices. See instructions for:


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