DNS server configuration – Huawei routers

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This guide will show you how to manually configure your Huawei router with other DNS server addresses.

Manually configuring your Huawei router with other DNS server addresses can help you access blocked sites and enjoy faster speeds. To do so:

  1. In the “Router settings” page, go to Advanced and select Firewall. Some other routers show IP Filtering under the “Advanced” tab. huawei advanced firewall
  2. Open the Firewall level drop down list and choose Custom. Name this “google” then submit it. After completing this step, you should see something like this:firewall google
  3. Choose the Firewall level you just created ( “google”) then select IP filtering.google ip filtering
  4. On the right, click New then enter Click Submit.huawei add google ip
  5. Repeat above but enter
  6. To access certain streaming services, you may need to add a few more IPs. For the list of specific IPs, please contact the ExpressVPN Support Team.
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