ExpressVPN Program Management Program Management at ExpressVPN

Supporting teams across the business

Our PgMs work both as a team and in support of several departments

Colleagues sitting in bean bags and chatting.

Don’t be fooled by the job title; usually assigned to one or more teams, our program managers—also referred to as PgMs—don’t just manage programs and projects.

While they do help keep our teams running like well-oiled machines, they are also highly involved in making strategic delivery decisions, guiding resourcing requirements, managing timelines, and accessing project risks.

Our PgMs are a super friendly bunch, spanning a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. They support each other, share nerdy Google-product tips and tricks on the regular, and aren’t shy in their use of emojis!

Because PgMs are all assigned to support various teams, they don’t work directly together a lot of the time. However, when their powers are combined it’s usually for:

  • Large projects that need more than one program manager

  • Knowledge sharing or skill development

  • When multiple cross-functional teams are working on something together

You’ll also find a healthy dose of banter in their Slack channel, plus nuggets of advice, and regular team lunches or sharing sessions where they can connect and support each other.

Why working in teams works for us

We've adopted a strong teaming culture at ExpressVPN. Our teaming model decentralizes decision-making, transferring that responsibility to team members themselves.

We empower teams to operate independently, giving them the freedom to make their own decisions around the processes and practices that guide their work.

Through teaming, we hope to turn the common question of “Why am I even doing this?” into “What can I do to solve this problem?” The result: employees are empowered to make themselves accountable for their teams’ objectives and key results.


Our corporate teams support ExpressVPN through the HR, legal, and finance functions as we work towards our mission of building a safer and more open internet.


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