Win a VPN-ready router this National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Win a free router for NCSAM!

This competition is over. But you can get an ExpressVPN discount here.

This year we’re celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and European Cyber Security Month by giving away FOUR routers with 30 days of free ExpressVPN to protect all your home devices on Wi-Fi!

As we mentioned in our post last week, NCSAM is upon us, and this year, we want to focus on a pressing problem—the Internet of Things (IoT).

With over 20 billion IoT devices projected by 2020, and the growing frequency of cybersecurity attacks globally on unsecured devices like IoT, it’s only a matter of time before your fridge or fish tank become the entry point for snoops and hackers who want nothing more than to exploit their weaknesses and compromise your security and privacy.

One fundamental security measure you can take is to protect your IoT devices at home from such snoops with a VPN-ready router. With a VPN protecting you on the router level, network activity from all your devices, including IoT, will be encrypted and shielded from snoops, and IP-masking helps to reduce your risk of being targeted by hackers. Not to mention all the other ways a VPN can be useful.

To celebrate NCSAM what better way than to give the gift of privacy in the shape of four VPN-ready routers!

How to win a free VPN router!

To enter the contest, we want to hear what you think would be a good IoT horror story on Twitter or Facebook. Did a burglar force you to unlock your smart door with facial recognition? Or a washing machine accidentally washing your favorite woolen sweater in 100-degree water? We want to know!

Tag us and tell us your #IoThorrorstory on Twitter or comment on the Facebook post and you could win one month of free ExpressVPN on a router!

Like and follow us on Facebook or Twitter, get your #IoThorrorstory in before Sunday, October 22nd 23:59 PM UTC, and we will pick four winners based on the following criteria (one winner per category):

  1. Most RTs on Twitter
  2. Most liked comment on Facebook
  3. The scariest story (either Twitter or Facebook)
  4. The funniest story (either Twitter or Facebook)

The rules:

  • Facebook entries should be a comment on this post.
  • Twitter entries should include the hashtag #IoThorrorstory and @ExpressVPN.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • The contest is open to everyone and anyone (subject to any applicable national or local laws and regulations).
  • ExpressVPN will notify the winners after the contest ends through Facebook messages or Twitter direct messages. If the winner doesn’t respond seven days after being notified, ExpressVPN will give the router to the next runner-up.
  • The winner is responsible for covering any import taxes and duties on the router.

We’re excited to see what you come up with! And make sure you stay tuned for more tips on avoiding your own IoT horror story on our Facebook and Twitter.

Jamie writes about current issues concerning digital privacy and security and is known to interview leading figures in tech. He also keeps an eye on changes in government censorship and surveillance.