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Johnny 5 believes in privacy, freedom from snooping governments, and Batman.

Raise Awareness around Internet Privacy and Security

As more students are bringing their Internet-ready devices to class, awareness of basic online security and a fundamental understanding of privacy rights are more important than ever.

That’s why ExpressVPN is proud to announce The ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship (EFPS), which dedicates action and resources to students in high schools and graduate schools.

In the form of an essay contest, EFPS aims to raise student awareness of Internet privacy and security. The program is a way to assist and ensure a new generation will stand against unnecessary censorship and surveillance.

Watch the above video for more information, or click the competition page.

Share Your Thoughts about the Future of the Internet!

The application period of The ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship is open until August 31, 2016, 11:59 PST.

Applicants can compete by writing about one of the following topics:

We Own the Future

Picture yourself in 2050. How will the evolution of the Internet affect our social structure and/or the authority governments have over citizens?

Privacy Advocates

Discuss the logic of this famous quote by Edward Snowden:

“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”

Privacy in Real Life

As you go about your life, think of three ways privacy, or lack thereof, impacts you personally. Would you be better off or worse if the situation were reversed?

The ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship Prize Money

The best essay will win a grand prize of US$2,500, while the first and second runner-ups will be rewarded with US$1,000 and US$500, respectively. Winners will be notified by email and announced publicly at on October 14, 2016.

Good luck with your essay! ExpressVPN looks forward to reading it.

Johnny 5 is the editor of the blog and writes on today's most pressing technology issues. From important cat privacy stories to governments and corporations that overstep their boundaries, Johnny covers it all.