BONUS! Want (another) 12 months of free ExpressVPN? Vote in the 2018 Awards!

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    Johnny 5

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    Free ExpressVPN

    This competition is over. Thanks to all who voted—ExpressVPN is the best overall VPN!

    UPDATED: Win another 12 months of ExpressVPN!

    The BestVPN competition went so well, we’ve decided to do it again!

    For another chance to win 12 months of free ExpressVPN? Show ExpressVPN some love and vote in the 2018 Awards for your favorite provider!

    We’ll select 10 more voters at random who’ll each win a glorious 12 months of free ExpressVPN! The deadline for the ExpressVPN free account giveaway is December 11 at 06:30 AM GMT.

    There are multiple awards to vote in, but it’s easy to submit your vote for each of the categories.

    1. Select your favorite VPN for each category
    2. Click Cast your vote!

    That’s it. Good luck!

    BestVPN Awards Bonus!

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