Our reaction to SOPA/PIPA announcement


We here at ExpressVPN are pleased to know that two recent U.S. bills that threaten Internet users’ liberties and personal freedom have been stalled. Due to public outcry that saw Wikipedia and other high-traffic websites blacked out for 24 hours last week, the U.S. Congress appears to have put these measures on hold.

The reason why SOPA/PIPA concerned us and other Internet services like Twitter and Facebook is that they would have made all companies legally responsible for user-generated content. For example, if you write a blog that has a comment section, and one of your users posts a link to an illegally shared file, as the blog owner you could be held criminally liable.

The Internet has thrived because it has been a forum for sharing information freely. If websites are forced to actively police all user submissions, we fear this would ultimately lead to censorship. While we do understand the need of copyright owners to protect their intellectual content, we hope that lawmakers will look for a better solution.

Our users value the free and open Internet experience that ExpressVPN provides. At the same time, as a a VPN service provider, we do not want to be held liable when an individual misuses our services. Any future law that would attempt to do so would be a threat to our existence. We hope that U.S. lawmakers will bear that in mind and uphold these values to promote a free society.


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