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Announcing ExpressVPN’s 2021 scholarship winner

We are excited to announce the winner of the ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship 2021: Ishmael Liwanda, a law...
VPN with a question mark.
4 mins

The internet is safer now—but a VPN is still essential protection

The internet is a far more encrypted place than it was 10 years ago, but privacy and security experts still recommend a VPN for most users.
A laptop with a camera above it.
4 mins

Guide: Protect your privacy at the workplace

Employer monitoring increased with the emergence of Covid-19, and it’s likely here to stay. Here are tips to maintain some of your personal privacy.
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3 mins

Our privacy analysis of 10 opioid treatment and recovery apps

The study raises questions about privacy and security surrounding telehealth, which has been on the rise amid calls for social distancing.
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5 mins

The rise of telehealth: What it means for patient privacy

The increased adoption of telehealth services across the globe brings with it new and unprecedented privacy and security challenges.
student surveillance software
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Taking an exam? First, install surveillance software

Universities are spending millions of dollars buying online proctoring and monitoring services, raising ethical concerns and adding to student stress.
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3 mins

Privacy flaw found in Google and Apple’s contact-tracing tool

Hundreds of contact-tracing apps on Android devices didn't keep sensitive data secure.
A warning sign with a syringe in the middle.
4 mins

Here’s what vaccine scams look like

Covid-19 vaccinations are free, but that’s not stopping scammers from trying to get credit card and personal information through phishing and other methods.
RAID storage data backup.
5 mins

Guide to data hoarding for the end of the world

Do you like to download large quantities of information off the internet for safe keeping? You might be a data hoarder—and that’s a good thing!
Passport with an eye.
5 mins

Tests, shots, apps: The invasive new world of travel

Amid Covid-19, summer travel will happen. Is it worth the loss of your privacy?
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