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Tim likes to keep an eye on the exciting developments in cryptocurrencies and data privacy when he’s not deep in a podcast, a TV show, or new albums.

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2023 FIFA Women’s world cup schedule
10 mins

The ultimate FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule

Check out the complete match schedule, team fixtures, times, and locations for the summer’s biggest soccer tournament.
2022 fifa world cup storylines and news
6 mins

Can Messi win the 2022 World Cup?

And 8 other burning questions for the tournament
football world cup 2022 schedule
8 mins

The ultimate FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule

Wanna watch the World Cup? Check out the complete match schedule, team fixtures, times, and locations
Palm trees, deck chair, and a lock.
5 mins

8 tips for online safety this travel season

Don’t let your guard down when using your devices away from home.
Game controller connected to a heart beat.
6 mins

7 best gamification apps to level up your life

Learn a language, get fitter, and be more productive with apps that turn tasks into a game.
How to give Bitcoin as a gift
5 mins

How to gift Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies this Christmas

A holiday gift that’s sure to spark some conversation around the dinner table.
5 mins

Why you should care about NFTs

A future where NFTs will revolutionize everything from Hollywood to home ownership, sports, gaming, and more is just around the corner.
Football with a play button to symbolize streaming.
8 mins

The ultimate guide to streaming football (soccer) online

Want to watch the next El Clásico? Desperate to see Ronaldo play for Manchester United and Lionel Messi alongside Neymar at PSG? We’ve got you covered.
Warning sign next to star wearing sunglasses representing celebrity scams
5 mins

6 times cyber scammers used celebrities to con people

Think carefully before clicking on that Kim Kardashian-endorsed cryptocurrency or try to stream the latest Anna Kendrick movie for free online.
Hook in a phishing email resembling a red flag.
5 mins

How to spot common red flags in phishing emails

Protect yourself by learning to recognize the most obvious signs that someone is trying to scam you with a phishing email.

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