OMG Ed Snowden is on Twitter!!!!


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Within two hours of joining Twitter last month, Edward Snowden garnered nearly 300,000 followers. Two weeks later, 1.4 million people are tuning into his every tweet.

Thanks to his Twitter account, @Snowden now has a direct line to the entire world.

In case you missed the early action, here’s a recap of Ed Snowden’s most profound, powerful, and hilarious tweets so far.

Snowden Brings Da Lulz

The only Twitter account Snowden follows belongs to @NSAGov. Ha ha!

Double win: The guy knows how to make fun of himself, AND he’s buds with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

LOL. When Twitter user @BuzzFeedAndrew pointed out Snowden’s “suspicious” tweeting schedule…

… Snowden reacted quickly:

Snowden Can Break Your Website

His tweets are so powerful they can BREAK YOUR WEBSITE.

This Ed-Snowden-breaks-your-website phenomenon has given rise to the catchphrase: “You just got Snowden’d”.

Snowden Has a Soft Spot for Librarians

A small library in Lebanon, New Hampshire, is now letting library patrons browse the Internet anonymously using Tor. Guess who hated this decision? The Department of Homeland Security. But the librarians fought back and privacy prevailed! Snowden heaped on the praise:

Don’t mess with your local librarian!

Snowden Loves Cats

Two weeks in and Snowden’s tweeting like a pro. Because everyone knows cats = Internet gold. (Although we’d had him pegged as a dog person.)

He wants to be a cat lord! See, guys, he’s just like us.

If you’re tired of cats pics, you’re out of luck. There’s no stopping him.

Snowden Turned Down a VIP Pass to a Tay Swift Concert

Snowden’s a little weary when it comes to invitations. You’d be too if you spent the last few years avoiding extradition. So when Twitter user SecuriTay (@SwiftOnSecurity) offered Snowden a VIP pass to a Taylor Swift concert, he was skeptical.


Snowden’s Still Standing Up for What’s Right

All jokes aside, Snowden is using his Twitter voice to do right in the world and shine a light on the things that really matter. Here are a few of the issues he’s tackling in his tweets:


Snowden wants you to know that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a threat to public health around the world.

Civil Rights & Citizen Surveillance

When asked about #BlackLivesMatter, Snowden responded with a barrage of tweets exposing the ugly truth surrounding citizen surveillance.

Snowden has a few words of wisdom for targets of government surveillance:

Academic Freedom

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, came under fire for destroying copies of a video recording of Barton Gellman’s keynote presentation about the NSA and the importance of privacy. (Barton Gellman was one of the three journalists who worked with Snowden during the 2013 NSA leaks.)

Snowden’s tweet about the incident flooded Gellman’s website with so much traffic that it broke.

Civilian Bombings

Since the US bombed the Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Afghanistan, Snowden has been calling for a quick and thorough investigation.

Citizen Spying

Snowden wants the world to know that U.S. military tech once used against Al Qaeda is now being used to track American citizens to spot crimes “as they happen.”

You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Privacy!

Snowden’s message is clear. You gotta stand up for your own civil liberties.

He also wants you to know that the NSA’s claim that mass surveillance keeps citizens safe is a pile of BS.

Still a Cool Guy

Despite all his Twitter clout, Snowden is still urging people to read up, get informed, and draw their own conclusions.

In just a short time, Snowden’s quickly become one of the strongest voices of reason on Twitter. Follow @Snowden to stay current on all things surveillance…  and for the cat pics!

snowden's epic twitter account

We can’t wait to see what Snowden tweets about next!

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