ExpressVPN just added two new Australian VPN locations!

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Brisbane and Perth ExpressVPN locations

Exciting news for all you Aussies out there: ExpressVPN has added VPN locations in Brisbane and Perth. Combined with existing VPN server locations in Melbourne and Sydney, that adds up to four great options for anyone wanting to connect to a VPN location in Australia.

What are the benefits of new Australian VPN locations?

Not sure what’s so great about more Australian VPN locations? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to get excited about.

  • Better options for locals: If you’re looking for speed and stability, ExpressVPN recommends connecting to a VPN location close to you. Users close to Brisbane and Perth now have more options than before.
  • More Australian IP addresses: More VPN locations mean more VPN servers, and more VPN servers mean more IP addresses. Now you can use an IP address associated with Brisbane or Perth.
  • More manual configuration support: Both the Brisbane and Perth ExpressVPN locations support the OpenVPN protocol for manual VPN configurations. That gives more options to users setting up ExpressVPN on older devices or certain router models.”

How do I connect to one of the new VPN locations?

You can connect to the Perth or Brisbane VPN locations in seconds. All you have to do is:

  1. Open your ExpressVPN app
  2. Click the Choose Location button
  3. Click the All tab at the top of the menu
  4. Expand the Asia Pacific section
  5. Expand the Australia server list by clicking the triangle on the left
  6. Select Australia – Brisbane or Australia – Perth
  7. Connect!

That’s about all there is to it!


Excited about the new VPN server locations? If you ever feel like ExpressVPN should add other VPN server locations, feel free to let us know—the number of ExpressVPN locations is constantly growing!