ExpressVPN’s top 10 blogs of 2016

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The best ExpressVPN blogs of 2016

NOTE: This post was originally published on January 27, 2017

ExpressVPN put out more content in 2016 than any year previously. Here’s the best of the best VPN blog in town:

Olympic hero uses ExpressVPN

1. An interview with Ashton Eaton, world’s greatest athlete and ExpressVPN user

ExpressVPN interviews Olympian, Ashton Eaton, winner of the decathlon at the 2016 Rio Olympics.


2. How to stop advertisers from tracking your browsing habits

Browser fingerprinting can be used to profile you, making any protective tracker-blocking software you have completely useless. But it’s quite easy to avoid.


3. Online privacy is why Sweden wins the internet

Sweden: The true Land of the Free. No country protects your privacy more than Sweden does. ExpressVPN looks at why privacy is the King of Sweden.

hacked middle man (2)

4. Internet hacks: What is a man-in-the-middle attack?

Part of an ExpressVPN series looking at hacking techniques and how to protect against them. This one, as the title suggests, focuses on man-in-the-middle attacks.


5. Tor crusader Chuck McAndrew discusses privacy, freedom with ExpressVPN

A small library in Lebanon, New Hampshire, made headlines after becoming the first library to run a Tor node. ExpressVPN talked to the man behind the initiative after the Department of Homeland Security got involved.


6. Do I need antivirus on my computer?

What does antivirus do, and do you really need it? Where do viruses come from, anyway? Lexie takes a look at the history of computer viruses.


7. Ranked: Security and privacy for the most popular web browsers

Everyone has their preferred web browser. How well does yours rank in terms of security and privacy? Find out in this ranking by ExpressVPN!

north korea facts

8. North Korea: Strange facts from the weirdest country on Earth

Unicorns, haircuts, and ghost towns: What exactly goes on in the DPRK? Find out in ExpressVPN’s comprehensive North Korea FAQ.


9. How botnets use you to make money

What is a botnet? And how are they used in cybercrime (computer crime)? As always, ExpressVPN’s Lexie has all the answers.


10. Top 10 must-know tips for internet privacy

Consider yourself an internet privacy guru? How many of these top tips do you know and follow? Check out ExpressVPN’s list and see where you stand!

2017 promises to be just as splendid!

With some cracking blogs and interviews already published, and more great articles planned, 2017 promises to perhaps surpass 2016!

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Johnny 5 is the founding editor of the blog and writes about pressing technology issues. From important cat privacy stories to governments and corporations that overstep their boundaries, Johnny covers it all.