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Eye in a cloud.
6 mins

Just looking? ISPs are watching you browse

You are being watched. From everything you ask Alexa to all your emails and passwords: If you don’t encrypt...
ExpressVPN National Cyber Security Month.
9 mins

ExpressVPN supports National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014

Did you know? October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. During October, Stay Safe Online is encouraging everybody to...
2 mins

Our Speed Test tells you the fastest VPN server locations

Available on our Windows and Mac apps, the ExpressVPN Speed Tests shows how fast each VPN server location is for you.
Question mark in html tags displayed by browser tab.
5 mins

Why we should all care about metadata surveillance

Despite its abundance, metadata is easy to ignore. Users should be cautious to the ways metadata can be mined for personal data.
ExpressVPN UI speed test.
1 min

Announcing: New lunar VPN server location for April 2014

Edited April 2, 2014: The Lunar Jig Is Up! Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone! Hi everyone! Thanks for tuning into our...
2 mins

Our reaction to Prism and NSA spying

This past week we've seen a flurry of media coverage related to privacy in electronic communications. It started with...
1 min

New version of ExpressVPN for Windows: v3.112

Click here for the latest ExpressVPN software for Windows ExpressVPN version v3.112 is full of new features. Here are some of...
Dog sniffing text book with an image of a padlock.
2 mins

ExpressVPN protects you from password sniffing programs

As some of you may recall, back around late-2010, a new Firefox extension was released that allowed an individual...
Support chat bubbles
1 min

24/7 live chat support from ExpressVPN

This post was originally published on April 11, 2011. ExpressVPN support is now better than ever: Live chat support is...
The ExpressVPN logo.
1 min

Some Data about the Reliability of ExpressVPN Servers

Hi, it's Ben from the ExpressVPN engineering team. I'd like to share a bit of data about the reliability...

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