ExpressVPN publishes the ultimate Bitcoin security eBook

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We are proud to announce Lexie’s Bitcoin – Security and Privacy eBook. The book includes some of the thoughts that went into the creation of ExpressVPN’s existing guides, some more detailed explanations, and plenty of practical advice.

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As privacy and technology enthusiasts, ExpressVPN has always been fascinated with Bitcoin. In June 2014, we became one of the first VPN providers to accept the cryptocurrency, and we even recommend using Bitcoin as a payment method for those worried about credit card and bank logs.

ExpressVPN bloggers and developers released more and more articles about Bitcoin as we learned more about its security and privacy implications. Lexie, in particular, has published multiple articles on the topic, as well as an extensive Bitcoin Anonymity guide.

The eBook is released under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 4.0), meaning you are free to share and remix Lexie’s work without fees, as long as you again release it under a similar license and give the appropriate credit.

We would very much like to hear from you, no matter if it’s criticism, additional thoughts, suggestions, or corrections. Feel free to comment below!

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  1. Thank you for paying attention to the crypto space! Decentralized commerce and blockchain tech will be revolutionary.

    If you’re so concerned with privacy though, why not accept Monero (XMR) or other privacy coins as payment for subscriptions?

    • Hi Privacyminded why would you go to all that trouble, when all you do is go to any of about 12 stores eg like Coles or Woolies go in and buy a disposable non-reload able prepaid visa card Then go online and pay, only detail to sign up is an email address. Set up a specific email addy and only use it for your vpn connection. If super paranoid can do things like wait 12 weeks after disposable credit card purchase because all stores delete their footish between 6-12 weeks anyway, Im not doing anything dodgy I just want to maintain my privacy as best I can.


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