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holiday privacy videos
2 mins

5 videos you can watch before the holidays to become an...

It’s that time of year again! All across the globe, people are returning home to celebrate the holidays with...
Privacy Awareness Week 2017
2 mins

3 ways to celebrate Privacy Awareness Week 2017

It’s Privacy Awareness Week 2017! Celebrated in May by members of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA), Privacy Awareness Week...
The best defense against the Snooper’s Charter is a good VPN
2 mins

Why the Snooper’s Charter makes having a VPN more necessary than...

Last month, British Parliament okayed the final version of the Investigatory Powers Bill, also known as the “Snooper’s Charter.”...
web-savvy grandma
4 mins

Silver Surfer security tips: Stay safe online through your golden years

As more senior citizens are going online, bad actors are trying to take advantage of them. We explore ways to stay safe online.
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