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ExpressVPN remember your password key
7 mins

Survey: How much time do you waste resetting your passwords?

A recent survey by ExpressVPN explores how often people forget their passwords and how much time they waste resetting them—time that could be better spent boosting mental and physical well-being.
A magnifying glass with crosshairs over a laptop.
4 mins

ExpressVPN confirms security of its desktop apps with 3 new independent...

Cure53 performed penetration tests and source code audits of our macOS and Linux desktop apps, while F-Secure reviewed our Windows v12 app.
Magnifying glass on a server and document.
3 mins

ExpressVPN’s protections examined in 2 new independent audits, by KPMG and...

Read the full reports on our Privacy Policy protections and server technology security.
ExpressVPN on a phone with warnings and a crossed-out camera.
4 mins

New Android app security features give ExpressVPN users even more control

We added the option to disable screenshots of ExpressVPN, as well as warnings about old operating systems and vulnerable devices.
Aircove router surrounded by rings.
2 mins

Cure53 audits ExpressVPN Aircove, confirming the router’s security excellence

An external audit, internal threat modeling, and Aircove security features help deliver a secure home VPN experience.
ExpressVPN Aircove router
3 mins

ExpressVPN launches Aircove, a Wi-Fi 6 router with built-in VPN

ExpressVPN’s first hardware product delivers easy, always-on protection where it matters most—your home.
Mac computer with the ExpressVPN interface.
1 min

ExpressVPN now runs natively on Apple silicon Macs (M1 and M2)

Our app works even more seamlessly on the newest Mac computer models, allowing users to enjoy a performance boost along with lower battery consumption.
Embarrassed emoji in a search bar.
4 mins

Secrets we keep from our friends but share with Google

From looking up words to checking physical ailments, our survey reveals the online queries that people are embarrassed for others to know.
Servers with a speedometer.
3 mins

ExpressVPN is even faster with new 10Gbps servers

We’re making huge upgrades to our hardware to enable both faster connections for our customers and faster improvements by our engineers.
Metaverse headset in a cubicle.
10 mins

Survey reveals surveillance fears over the metaverse workplace

Would you want an office in the metaverse? Workers and employers say there are benefits but also plenty of reservations when it comes to a virtual workplace.
5 mins
5 mins

Are VPNs legal?

6 mins
10 mins

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