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Metaverse headset in a cubicle.
10 mins

Survey reveals surveillance fears over the metaverse workplace

Would you want an office in the metaverse? Workers and employers say there are benefits but also plenty of reservations when it comes to a virtual workplace.
Indian flat with an eye on it on the cover of a file folder.
2 mins

Rejecting data demands, ExpressVPN removes VPN servers in India

Our users will still be able to connect to VPN servers that give them Indian IP addresses.
Man learning about online privacy on his laptop through ExpressVPN's free Udemy course.
3 mins

ExpressVPN launches a free Udemy course on online privacy and security

Watch five-minute videos to learn how to increase your online privacy, internet security, and anonymity.
2 mins

Independent audit confirms security of ExpressVPN’s app for Windows

The assessment by cybersecurity firm F-Secure was exceedingly positive.
ExpressVPN logo.
1 min

Helping to keep the internet open in challenging times

We welcome journalists and organizers currently in an oppressive situation who need secure access to the internet to get in touch.
$10K with a bug and magnifying glass.
2 mins

ExpressVPN’s $100,000 bug bounty bonus for VPN server vulnerabilities

The first person to find and demonstrate a security-critical bug on our VPN server technology, TrustedServer, will receive the bonus award.
On button in flames.
2 mins

Parallel connections: Our new feature to speed up VPN connection times

A case study of how we improved how quickly the ExpressVPN app for iOS gets connected to the VPN, especially on networks with some traffic restrictions.
A rose and numbers.
3 mins

A dozen final roses: ‘The Bachelor’ by the numbers

We take a deep dive into data surrounding the show, from the phrases contestants keep using to the average length of resulting relationships.
A screen with the "share" symbol that gets cut off.
9 mins

Introducing Threat Manager: Stop apps from tracking you

​​Threat Manager is a new privacy feature that protects from nosy apps, trackers, and malware. Available free for ExpressVPN users on iOS and Mac.
Logos of ExpressVPN and Kape Technologies
3 mins

ExpressVPN officially joins Kape Technologies

Find out what this means for our customers and for our company.
3 mins
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