ExpressVPN for routers: Latest updates and firmware upgrades

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To see the full release notes for ExpressVPN for routers, click here.

Stronger, faster, smarter: ExpressVPN for routers is crammed full of new features that we can’t wait for you to use, with even more to come in the weeks ahead.

Here are highlights of new app features and enhancements we’ve recently released.

Why update the ExpressVPN firmware on your router?

Redesigned user interface with Device Groups

We recently introduced Device Groups, which lets you sort your router-connected devices into groups, which can be assigned to different VPN locations.

ExpressVPN router app Device Groups user interface.

Easily change your devices’ VPN locations whenever you want, for whatever you need—a group for family or friends, one connected to your local area, or even a group to exclude from the VPN network.

Learn more about Device Groups.

Our new VPN protocol: Lightway

Only our more recent versions of ExpressVPN for routers come with Lightway, our groundbreaking protocol built to give you a faster, more reliable, more secure VPN experience.

Regular bug fixes

For your security, it’s always important to update all your apps to the latest versions, as developers consistently identify vulnerabilities and patch them.

How to update the ExpressVPN firmware on your router

Starting from v2.7.0 (released March 8, 2021), automatic updates will be enabled by default. This means after updating to this version or newer, you don’t have to manually update your firmware anymore.

If you are using a firmware version that’s older than v2.7.0, you will have to manually update your firmware. (Thereafter, it will update automatically.) This is a five-minute process that involves first downloading the latest firmware to your computer or phone and then uploading it.

Here are the detailed instructions to update your router firmware.

Why use a VPN on your Wi-Fi router?

If you have ExpressVPN on your router, anything connected to the Wi-Fi will enjoy the protections of ExpressVPN—and there’s no limit to how many devices you can connect to your router. These include devices not normally compatible with VPNs or apps in general, such as game consoles, smart TVs, smart fridges, and any other IoT items.

If you want to stream a show or a film that’s censored in your country on your big-screen TV, for example, a VPN on your router can help you change your location and do that.

Once you’ve set up a VPN on your router, it’s easy to control. Just go to, and you’ll see an interface similar to the ones on our desktop and mobile apps. Here, you’ll be able to change your location and control which devices are connected to which VPN location.

ExpressVPN router app user interface.

How do I install a VPN on my home router?

There are three ways to download ExpressVPN onto your home’s Wi-Fi router:

  1. Check if your existing router is compatible with ExpressVPN. If so, you can install our firmware on your router.
  2. If it’s not, you can buy a compatible router and then install ExpressVPN on it.
  3. Or, buy a router with ExpressVPN pre-installed from our partner Flashrouters.

See our full installation guide here. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

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