How can I change NAT type on PS5.

How can I change NAT type on PS5

Experiencing frustrating connection issues and long matchmaking times on your PS5? One common culprit is your network's NAT type, which can hinder your ability to connect with game servers and other players.

Don't worry, we're here to help you understand NAT, troubleshoot the issue, and guide you through setting up an optimized NAT type for the best online gaming experience on your PS5, all while ensuring your connection remains secure with a VPN.

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How to find the NAT type on your PS5

Finding out your NAT type on PS5 is easy, simply:

Step 1: Settings

On your PS5, head to Settings.

Step 2: Connection

Select Network.

Step 3: Connection Status

Under Connection Status, select Test Internet Connection.

Step 4: Test Internet Connection

Once the diagnostic is complete, your NAT type will be displayed on screen.

What is NAT type on PS5?

NAT, or Network Address Translation, is a process used by firewalls, routers, and computers to convert private IP addresses into public ones when communicating on a larger network like the internet. Its purpose is to overcome the limited availability of IPv4 addresses, which are assigned to devices on a network, by temporarily preserving the remaining unregistered IP addresses.

PlayStation utilizes numbered NAT types that align with the commonly known names for NAT types, providing different levels of network accessibility.

  • Type 1: The system is connected directly to the Internet.
  • Type 2: The system is connected to the Internet with a router.
  • Type 3: The system is connected to the Internet with a router.

These are to denote when the system is:

PS5 Nat Type 1

NAT Type 1: Open

By removing restrictions and firewall settings, Open NAT types facilitate unrestricted external connections to your systems. While this ensures seamless gaming experiences without impacting speed or ping, it's important to note that Open NAT is less secure as it bypasses your router's protective filtering, leaving your connection vulnerable to cyber threats.

PS5 Nat Type 2

NAT Type 2: Moderate

Striking a balance between open and strict settings, Moderate NAT types offer a viable option. With your connection passing through the router, acting as an initial defense, Moderate NAT allows connections to third-party servers through a few open ports. This setup provides a certain level of protection against external traffic. However, it's worth mentioning that certain options in online gaming may have limitations with NAT Type 2.

PS5 Nat Type 3

NAT Type 3: Strict

With strict restrictions on data flow, Strict NAT types limit the free movement of information in and out of your network. Although your router modifies your IP address, it fails to forward incoming traffic to your device, leading to challenging or even impossible online gaming experiences. Connecting to game servers becomes difficult, and slower speeds are expected due to traffic filtering.

Furthermore, Strict NAT provides the highest level of security and privacy, effectively mitigating cyber attacks such as volumetric DDoS attacks. However, it's important to keep in mind that this type of NAT is more likely to cause connectivity problems specifically with the PlayStation Network.

How to change your NAT type on PS5

Before we start, here are a few things to take note of:

  1. By default, PS5’s NAT Type is Type 2: Moderate
  2. Type 1: Open, while more convenient to game with, isn’t ideal for your network security. It is also only available if your console is connected directly to the internet, via an Ethernet cable, and not through a router.

If needed, you can find your PS5’s IP address listed here Settings > Network > Connection Status > View Connection Status.

To change your NAT type, you'll need to modify your router settings, which can be a bit more involved than simply adjusting your PS5’s settings. This requires accessing your router's admin panel to make the necessary changes. Each router may have a slightly different process, but we can guide you through the general process below:

Step 1: Access your router’s admin settings. To do this, you typically have two options: connecting your computer directly to the router via an Ethernet cable or accessing the router's settings through a web interface. The method you choose may depend on the specific router model and its configuration.

Step 2: Log in using your router’s username and password.

Step 3: Find and enable universal plug and play (UPnP.)

Step 4: Restart your router.

Port forwarding

If that doesn’t work, port forwarding is an ideal alternative. To do this:

Step 1: Find your router’s port forwarding settings.

Step 2: Enter the port number or port range you want to forward. Sony has advised that gamers use the following numbers and types:

  • TCP: 3074, 3478-3479
  • UDP: 3478, 3479

Step 3: Save the changes and restart your router.

What NAT type is best for PS5 online gaming

The “best” NAT type really depends on your requirements and personal setup. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.

NAT Type 2 (Moderate) is both acceptable and the default setting for most users, allowing most online features to work properly.

NAT Type 1 (Open) provides an unrestricted and direct connection to the internet without limitations from routers or firewalls, resulting in the smoothest online gaming experience. Once again though, this is the most unsecure of the NAT types.

NAT Type 3 (Strict) is the most restricted and can cause issues with gaming.

What is a failed NAT type on PS5?

The PS5 “NAT Type Failed” error occurs when you experience issues with online chat while playing games due to incorrect network settings or network firewall problems. Changing the NAT type can potentially resolve this error, and there are various effective solutions available with detailed steps.

How to fix the “NAT Type Failed” error on PS5

Despite the lack of a universal fix, there are multiple troubleshooting options to address NAT failure errors during gameplay and chat sessions.

Restart your router and PS5

Restarting your router and PS5

Turn off your router and unplug it from the power source. Likewise, power off your PS5 console. Wait for a few minutes, then plug in and power on your router. Once the router establishes a stable connection, proceed to turn on your PS5. This power cycling process helps refresh the network connection and can resolve temporary glitches or conflicts.

Manually set your PS5 network connection

Manually setting your PS5’s network connection

Access the network settings on your console and choose the manual configuration option. You will need to input specific details such as the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server addresses. Obtain this information from your ISP or network administrator, or you can try using public DNS servers like Google DNS ( and By manually setting your PS5 network connection, you have more control over the network parameters and can potentially resolve any underlying issues.

Can I use a free VPN to play PS5?

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Read more about free proxy services vs. VPNs.

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FAQ: NAT Type on PS5

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