Top creepy and scary websites to frighten your friends

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Top creepy websites

The internet is home to many wonderful things: cute cats, hilarious memes, Slender Man, and… wait, what? The internet might be home to many wonderful things but also to many creepy things. If you want to get your spine tingling and hair standing, we’ve compiled a list of spooky websites to frighten you and everyone around you.

Willard Ghost

If you love the Paranormal Activity aesthetic, Willard Ghost will be right up your alley. Webcams are placed inside the very real, very old, and allegedly very haunted Willard Library in the state of Indiana. 

The website gives you access to six webcams (also known as Ghostcams) placed in various locations in the library to spot the spirits that haunt the halls of this Victorian Gothic building. The webcam feeds have that dreadful look, so you just might scare yourself from suspense even before you see anything.  

Nightmare Machine 

In our blog post about AI art, we told you about how these artworks tend to have odd visual markers, like extra fingers or smeared elements. The students at MIT have used this to their advantage to create the horror website Nightmare Machine.

Nightmare Machine generates horror imagery, sometimes coming up with truly horrific works. You can’t use the site to generate any of your own images, but you can vote on the scariness of each photo on the site. Some of them are really freaky!

Death Date 

If you knew how many days you had left to live, what would you do? Be sure to give that some thought before you visit Death Date. The website predicts the date of your passing with information you provide, such as your birth date, height, weight, alcohol consumption, and more.

Finding out how much time you have left can be really unsettling or, in the case of this writer, really confusing. Turns out, the date of my death was last month. Hmm…


You’re probably familiar with this one, and it’s on the list for good reason. A CreepyPasta is a horror-related legend shared across the internet, but in recent times, it has become a term for any horror content posted online. CreepyPastas are usually brief and user-generated stories that are designed to scare. CreepyPasta has become quite the staple of online culture, even having its own subreddit.  

Fright Find 

Love exploring haunted locations? Fright Find is dedicated to helping you find them. The website details popular haunted locations around the world, should you wish to pay them a visit. Note that most of its places are based in the U.S., though. The site includes write-ups about the spooky stuff that goes on in these locations, so you can give yourself a scare even if you can’t visit them.

Hashima Island 

This one’s not that spooky, but it is based on a real abandoned location in Japan, Hashima Island. Formerly a mining facility, the desolate island is home to the famous “stairway to hell,” and in the middle of the island is a shrine. 

This website lets you explore the island online. You navigate by clicking through the map, much like on Google Maps. It’s incredibly well-realized, and the eerie music and shaky page effect add to the chilling effect.

White Enamel 

White Enamel is a creepy 3D interactive experience for horror fans. You explore a real, haunted, and abandoned asylum. It’s built like a game, complete with a storyline built around its location. The website is being updated now, though; we can’t wait to see what the creators are cooking!

Slender Man

Slender Man needs no introduction. The viral CreepyPasta took over the internet and even became a movie and also a game. The game’s really simple: wander the woods at night with nothing but a torchlight as you search for eight manuscripts and avoid getting caught by the Slender Man.

The dark woods and eerie vibe of the game make it a chilling experience. You’ll never know when Slender Man will appear. All you have to go by is the slow rhythmic beats of drums and the glitching of your screen. No one’s found all eight manuscripts without getting caught by Slender Man. Will you succeed? 

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